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All of our made to order items are carefully cut, sanded, and hand crafted here in Oviedo, Florida.

Wood burned signs & home decor empowered by positivity

Welcome y'all! I'm Sica- the driving force behind Woobies Corner. I enjoy living a life with purpose and spreading happiness all around the world and sometimes that happiness becomes contagious through works of art. When I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2012 I promised myself I wouldn't let this disease control my life or my destination. I left the job that I loved and began living a fulfilling life as a stay at home mom and happiness ambassador. Finding the perfect opportunity to turn every challenge into a possibility and setting the example for my children that being diagnosed with something so life restricting, does not mean that has to be the end to a dream -- instead it became our blessing in disguise. Woobies Corner was brought to life in early 2016 to bring inspiration, comfort, and "woobieness" with homemade and rustic inspired home decor and more. I thrive on positive vibes, smiles, and endless wonders (and a crazy amount of espresso). Without question my purpose and calling in life is to help others with creating the life that they desire, dream, and most importantly deserve through works of positive and inspirational art. If you see a design that you'd like to have created or altered to better fit your personality and household, message me! Together we will create the most beautiful decor imaginable that will best fit your style. Make sure to stop by frequently to see what new and exciting projects that we've created for you and your family and check out our Facebook and Instagram @woobiescorner for sneak peeks, behind the scenes shots, contests and giveaways, and to get your dose of happiness for the day. Sending you love and hugs from Oviedo, Florida! Sica
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