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Perth, Western Australia

Here you can be assured of exceptional top of the line quality cross stitch patterns which you can download instantly, unequaled service and an experience like none other. We are a business you can trust. We are a household name known around the world, and you can find us in all corners of the internet!

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Screw mediocre, show me the Unconventional!

Anyone remember the 'old days' where stitchers could only get the most conventional of designs like flowers? Yeah, those times weren't great! So I said to myself, why settle for conventional? If I'm left wanting, surely others are too? After begging my first program from my parents, I discovered my creative flair for designing all the way back in 2007! Since those humble beginnings Unconventional X Stitch has grown into a household name known the world over, and continues to grow and share in the enviable world of Unconventional designs! UXS is the bread and butter, and I wouldn't have it any other way! PRIZES AND AWARDS 2017 * Ellenbrook Art Award most outstanding work for Care Taker * First Prize at Osborne Park Show for Rainbow Unicorn Mini * Second Prize at Osborne Park Show for Rawr Mini 2016 * Wanneroo Show first prize & best exhibit for Nuclear Winter
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