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If I’m right, you would probably love nothing better than to be able to produce fine, handmade wood works to present as gifts or market for profit. Obviously, that’s a no brainer! Who wouldn’t want to be able to produce fine wood crafts? If you have done any research on wood turning, you know that you need the right skills and equipment to produce such works of art. TABLE OF CONTENTS Pages CHAPTER I 9-10 Introductory --Commercial and Educational Values of Wood Turning --Elements of Success CHAPTER II 11-14 The Lathe --Care of the Lathe --Speed of the Lathe --Method of Figuring the Diameter of Pulleys --Rules for Finding the Speeds and Sizes of Pulleys --Points on Setting Up the Lathe and Shafting CHAPTER III 15-18 Wood Turning Tools --Grinding and Whetting Turning Tools --The Gouge --The Parting Tool --Scraping Tools CHAPTER IV 19-21 Spindle Turning --Centering Stock --Clamping Stock in the Lathe --Adjusting the Tool Rest --Position of the Operator at the Lathe --Holding the Tools --Use of the Tools in Spindle Turning 22-32 CHAPTER V Tool Processes in Spindle Turning --The Roughing Cut --The Sizing Cut --The Smoothing Cut --Testing for Smoothness --Measuring for Length --Squaring Ends --Cutting Off --Shoulder Cuts --Taper Cuts --V Cuts-Concave Cuts --Convex Cuts --Combination Cuts --Chisel Handles --Mallets and Handles --Vise Handles CHAPTER VI 33-34 Oval Turning --Tool Operations CHAPTER VII 35 Duplicate Turning --Use of Measuring Stick --Use of Templets CHAPTER VIII 36-38 Finishing and Polishing --Ordinary Cabinet Finishing --French Polishing --Method of Applying French Polish CHAPTER IX 39-40 Face-Plate and Chuck Turning --Methods of Fastening Stock --Small Single Screw Face-Plate --Large Surface Screw Face-Plate --Gluing to Waste Stock --Lathe Adjustments --Position of Tool Rest 41-48 CHAPTER X Tool Processes in Face-Plate and Chuck Turning --Straight Cuts --Roughing Off Corners --Calipering for Diameter --Smoothing Cut --Roughing Cut on the Face --Smoothing the Face --Laying Off Measurements --External Shoulders --Internal Shoulders --Taper Cuts --V Cuts --Concave Cuts --Convex Cuts --Combination Cuts --Use of Scraping Tools --Internal Boring --Turning a Sphere CHAPTER XI 49-55 Spiral Turning --Single Spiral, Straight Shaft --Tapered Shaft --Double Spiral, Tapered Shaft --Double Spiral, Straight Shaft --Double Groove Spiral, Straight Shaft


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