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New Hampshire, USA

Welcome to TSB's AC Moore shop! If you've seen one of my creations at a show, in a blog, TV segment or elsewhere online, but not in this shop, please email me - I may have it in studio!

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'Teagan's Family'

Making magic through art.

My name is Melanie. I'm a mixed media fantasy artist who specializes in miniature polymer clay sculptures and larger papier mache sculptures. I've been seriously sculpting since late 2010, when I found I really enjoyed the versatility and convenience of polymer clay (no kilns needed). I'm completely self taught and learned my craft through practice and intuition (when moving the clay a certain way feels right, it usually turns out looking right too). I try to let my creations tell or suggest a story of their own so that they form a bond with the viewer. If any one of my creations can make at least one person's eyes light up, I feel it was well worth all the hours of effort put into it. In January of 2011, I started my one woman business of The Silver Branch. All of my sculptures start from my imagination, often changing form as I sculpt them - or as I like to tell people, they take on a life and personality of their own as I work on them. I often don't know exactly how a sculpture will end up until I'm completely done. A love for the forests and seacoast of NH, faeries and folklore has kept my imagination vivid and jam packed full of concepts for new art dolls and sculptures. I am proud to admit I believe in faeries, and I'm often amazed just how many out there honestly do - there are a lot of us. The fae realm is so delightfully playful, yet there's plenty of room for the unexpected, twisted-ness and mystery and that translates wonderfully to sculpture! My work can be found in dozens of countries around the world in various private collections and independent boutiques. Personally, I like to take my work to shows, exhibits and festivals around New England. When I attend shows, I'm always accompanied by at least one of my 'helper elves' - my father and sometimes my sister - and it's with their support that I can go to so many places! Outside of The Silver Branch realm, I am a fantasy novelist, lifelong student of local nature (especially the study of moths, botanicals, amphibians and reptiles,) an amateur harpist, a humble servant to a flock of parrots and praying mantises, and an avid gardener.
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