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Durham, NC

Welcome to The Crafty Corner! All of the merchandise is hand made by me, the busy worker bee. You will find fine hand-crafted jewelry, knit, crochet, and sewn items, porcelain ornaments, and paint pouring art work. Take a look through my shop; you may find something you love and want!


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Pop up show at the Golden Belt, Durham, NC-September 2018

Love to create and bring joy to others

Hello. My name is Patti Berzins, and I am the busy worker bee behind all the creations in The Crafty Corner. I started sewing as a preteen and have continued throughout my life. I picked up jewelry and porcelain doll/ornaments making, knitting, crocheting, and paint pouring along the way. The act of taking a piece of fabric, a handful of beads, or a skein of yarn and turning it into a work of art is very satisfying and relaxing. I hope you enjoy your trip through my shop.
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