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Beautiful Victoria Inspiration to create is right here at home :)

Bringing tiny moments of Hand Crafted Joy!

A degree in Engineering, a successful IT Career and a happy married life, yet I felt a deep void in my life, I was still in mourning and didn't realize it.I missed my grandmother, whom I had lost a few years back.You see, being the youngest grand child comes with perks of its own.It means you are your grandma's favorite and you get to spend a lot of fun time with her. As a child I used to have a very special relation with my grand mother, she was a great homemaker and a super seamstress.Of the many things that I learned from her, the most important one, has been to put your heart and soul into what you do and only do that, which brings you joy. It was at this point of time in 2014 I decided I wanted to return to my happy world of crafting. When I did, there was no looking back!. It started again with reading about different forms of craft their history,the cultures that revolve around these forms of crafts and I started making jewelry experimenting with different mediums and forms. I've loved crafting ever since I can remember. Started out when I was kid. I used to hand sew soft toys and gift to my family members. Over a period of time education, work and life took over.Crafting is like experiments for me. Each craft involves creativity, art, science and also math. I try to learn different forms of crafts and use my creativity to interpret them. The process of learning is wonderful and it leads to the products I create. So I do experiments of craft in my Craft Lab and the products I make are creations from it hence The Craft Lab Creations which I'm happy to share with the world.In 2018 I decided to expand my reach and share my products with everyone who needs a special thing for their special events and started my online store.
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