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Thank you for taking the time to view my love of my heritage I'm fortunate to have this as my full time job I bead 6-12 hours daily. I make everything in my shop, I love working on custom orders with clients. Almost any piece that has been sold can also be re-made to suit your needs or customization. Keep up to date with me on Instagram @sweetgrasscrafts or Facebook Sweetgrasscrafts

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Mardi Gras earrings, a party for your ears

Genuine Native American handmade beadwork and crafts

I'm First Nations, belonging to the Plains Cree. I love spending my time crafting, for years it was sewing and cross stitch, usually working on native pieces. I didn't have the opportunity to learn how to bead, work with leather or any of our heritage when I was young and it became more im portant as I got older. I felt the need to leave pieces made by family for our family, especially for our children, whom are all now adults I still have all the pieces that were given to me as a child, when I struggle to figure out a piece they serve as inspiration.
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