Millbrae, CA, USA

Recycling in Action! I create using leather, fabric, vinyl, yarn, ribbon, card stock, wallpaper, wall covering, paint samples, maps, and interesting prints. Most of these wonderful materials are diverted from landfill by FabMo, an ecologically minded nonprofit. I also recycle cat food can tabs, paper tubes, books, magazines, and old cards among other rescued items giving them a useful second life.

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Recycling/Upcycling - giving the discarded a second useful life.

I started my shop to learn how to help my daughter get hers going. She has gone in a different direction, and I am still here with my crafting business to keep me busy. Multiple Sclerosis has limited the size of projects I take on, and quilting is no longer possible. I work from my wheelchair on a variety of creative projects as my offerings have evolved with recycling/upcycling in mind. My kitties, furry supervisors, keep me company as I turn unwanted materials into wonderful items with a second life of usefulness. I run every aspect of my business. All items in my shop are made by me, and I hope you receive them with the joy I had in their creation. I guess when you are touched by the crafting spirit, you have no choice but to be creative!
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