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We create digital patterns for crochet graphghans.

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Fiber Art is my happy place.

"People who wish to be creative can express themselves with these fibers. It's not going to be your grandma's knit shop. It's going to be a fiber art gallery." -Mary Chown I fell in love with fiber art several years ago. I started with loom knitting and enjoyed it until I discovered grahpghan. My ambitious fire were lit and so was my overachiever side! I learned to use my loom to do graphghans until I finally mastered crochet. Yay, no more 200 stitch or less patterns! Fast forward to today, every picture looks like a crochet blanket to me. So my ambitious fires have been lit again and I use it to create graphghans and graphs. These are my patterns and they are available to you. I hope you find some patterns that calls to you. Please share photos If you bring any of my patterns to life. And please, even if you don't get any patterns from me, please back up your files to a thumb drive and a cloud like Google Drive. It makes me very sad to read of lost files due to device failure.
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