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Newspaper Baskets, Eye-catcher. Diameter, opening: 20 cm Height: 12 cm General: These are our beautiful, hand-braided Baskets, Vases, Utensilos, Boxes ... In short, braided works of Art from!!! Newsprint!!! They are versatile and very stable despite Newspaper. The Baskets are true All-purpose Wonders, you can use them anywhere, whether in the Kitchen, Office, Bathroom or just Living room. They are also wonderfully available as a Gift or an original Gift Wrap. There are no Limits to The Imagination. Easy to maintain, just needs a light wiping with a damp cloth. Makes a great gift. Wonderful house warming present. Best used with dry goods and items such as yarn, nuts, candy, shells, jewelry, car keys, or the mail. It could also be used like storage for fruits or vegetables in kitchen. Or it can just be a decorative piece for your wall or table. The possibilities are endless. You realize how enthusiastic I am about the Works? Just Give it a try and convince Yourself of the Quality. Manufacture: A few Words about the Making. The Baskets are lovingly made by Hand from newspapers, Advertisements, etc., so each Part is Unique. The Shape, Colour and Size are completely customizable, we are open to all Wishes and Suggestions. All Baskets are then fixed with Glue and then painted with clear Acrylic varnish, this allows for a long Lifespan, use in the Kitchen as well as children's Rooms and Protects against light Water Splashes. If something else is still unclear, just inquire. We welcome any Feedback. Thank you very much.


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