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Hi and WELCOME! I hope you have a minute to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy looking at all the different creations I have to offer. I started out making greeting cards and have a love of all things paper. I eventually began making banners and designing special event signs. And then of course, I have a love to create unique home decor from recycled wood. Enjoy your visit!

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I love finding unique ways to use every scrap of paper and wood!

Pineapple Soup was born in 2011 when I had to take 6 weeks off work for surgery. During that time, I started "crafting" and making greeting cards. But when I realized that I would never use them all, I decided to see if I could sell them online. They flew off the "shelves" so to speak! And after just a few short months, a customer asked me if I could use the base on one of my cards for a banner she wanted. And that's where it all started. In my shop, you will find a bunch of "different" type of products. While I love working and creating unique products with paper, I also just love creating and when I make something I like, that I think others will like, I list it. I also hate to waste! So a lot of my products are made with scrap papers left over from other projects or scrap wood that I rescued from the burn pile.
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