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On those rushed days when time is not on your side and you can't afford leaving the house looking not so tidy. Trust us we understand those types of scenarios.... introducing, "Spring at Night", that's what we call this beautiful pattern mainly because of its dark background with its eye catching floral print. This beautiful piece can out beat any rushed day, with no problem! Did we forget to mention there is a matching scrunchie to the "Spring at Night" Headband check it out: https://www.etsy.com/listing/694575212/ DETAILS: • 100% Premium organic cotton • 100% made in the USA ( AUSTIN TX) • Comfortable and stretchy due to its Braided Elastic made to stay put • Made in a Purified and smoke-free environment • Fray proof, Specific technic was utilized to prevent fraying of the material CARE: •Strong and sturdy can be Machine washed and dried Make sure to follow Opal Vintage Design’s Instagram page for news, promos and fun! www.instagram.com/opalvintagedesigns Thank you for Visiting!!!


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premium cotton
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polyester thread

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