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Custom Handmade Hair Accessories with an emphasis on unique patterns/solid fabrics, from the United States or/and often times imported from different counties (Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Colombia, and more to come), Handmade in Austin, TX (USA). A Humble Shop created with You in mind- Opal Vintage Designs

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How Hemmed Pant made my Dream Come True

I truly can relate with anyone who was or is currently sick and tired of their Corporate job. Not saying all Corporate jobs have a bad experience but in my case, I worked in a pretty draining environment. A series of tall duties and responsibilities that reached the ceiling. Dealt with groups of not so friendly people, undervalued, passed up on promotions, opportunities, and finally the feeling that anything you did was never enough. I worked for a majorly known corporation. In the span of 7 years I was trusted to manage 12 locations. Jammed pack schedules filled with to-do lists, conference calls, calendar invites, and meetings left and right. In reality just constant stress! Basically the Corporate job ran me. One evening, all of my boyfriend’s work pants, unfortunately shrunk in the dryer. I felt terrible mainly because he so desperately needed them for work. Not to mention they were pretty pricey. naturally I wanted to do something about it, but time was limited and all I can think of, for a solution was to purchase a sewing machine, and hem them myself. I was able to repair them and to my surprise they fit better then before the shrunken incident. I was filled with joy, I was able to save the day. Granted I never sewed before. I thought to myself what else can I do with this miracle sewing machine. After work each day, I begin to work on sewing projects and absolutely fell in love, I felt INSPIRED and learned quickly. I had a natural knack for sewing!! The idea of creating hair accessories was born. Never did I imagine I would quit my “safe” and familiar job to start a handcraft business of my own. I’ve always been a creative person but felt I had to conform to a corporate world, yet all this time I knew deep down where I belonged. I went back to my familiar job, but felt unfocus, I could not keep my mind off my crafts. I started Opal Vintage Designs on Etsy, continued to work at my corporate job for 3 more months. Slowly I came to realize if I could help run a multi-million dollar company for 7 years, recognize the fundamentals of running a business, then I can confidently run my own business. So here I am now happy to say I’m my own boss, and utilize Etsy as a wonderful tool and marketplace to showcase my craft. I’m so happy with the risk I’m taking and decision I’ve made. Can’t wait to see the business grow and continue this wonderful new journey. ..And that is the story of how hemmed pants made my dream come true.
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