Welcome to my little handmade shop. Here you will find exclusive porcelain jewelry directly from my ceramic workshop. All products are 100% handmade by me.

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I create exclusive ceramic jewelry

Hi, my name is Nataliya Kyrkach-Antonenko. I'm a Ukrainian ceramist painter and sculptor. I create copyright jewelry from natural porcelain and ceramic clay, which needs several high-temperature baking 1170°C(2140°F) for ceramic and 1270 ⁰C(2300°F) for porcelain in the special ceramic Kiln. Each item like a bead, earrings, necklace flower, leaf, berry, and the other parts are made by me by hand in my little ceramic studio. To create maximally, realistic flowers, I use the special natural Porcelain. Manufacturing of each piece of jewelry takes a lot of time and effort. All ornaments are exclusive and author, you can only buy products from me. Ceramics production is a complex and multi-stage process. First, I create raw clay products. After my hands create the product, I give time to dry the clay. After drying, I put my pottery in the oven and make the first biscuit firing 900°C(1650°F) degrees. It takes 24 hours to complete the baking cycle. After that, I cover the ceramics with glazes and paint them with special paints and put them back in the oven. The second firing takes place at temperatures from 1050°C(1920°F) to 1270 ⁰C(2300°F) degrees, depending on the type of clay (ceramic or porcelain). The second baking takes about 40 hours. After that, I get the oven products, and they are almost ready. Some are ready, and some will be painted and baked 800°C(1470°F) degrees and then fully finished. After the baking process is complete, I collect the finished products and pack them into a gift box in which the product will go to you. I certainly love to do and create new work for you, your friends, and your loved ones. The greatest joy for me is smiling happy owners of my work. I can not imagine myself without creativity.
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