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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Shawna Madaus, maker and founder of Madaus Custom Crafts. All of my hand made items are made with the upmost, freehand, time tested, sticker free calligraphy and paintings. I love custom orders! Feel free to contact me with any requests. Happy shopping!

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Distressed white with gold lettering bow and clip holder.

Stay at home mama and wife, living the rustic life.

It all started with Pinterest. I love the rustic chic, farmhouse, old wood style. I would ask my husband if he could make these little shelves, flower baskets and table tops for me. & Of course he said yes because he’s an amazing husband who loves his wife very much 😁! So we started selling them on Facebook marketplace. At that time I was pregnant with our son and already on maternity leave. So. pregnant, cutting up pallets (it was scary) and meeting people at local gas stations for orders, pick ups and meets. Oh boy it was exhausting, but we made great money! Eventually we let it fade out because of having a newborn, my husband working full time, and then coming home for more work was A LOT for us. Fast forwarding a year... our sons first birthday (January, 14th 2018). He had a woodland/lumberjack themed party. I was looking online for little finishing touches to add to my home since there was going to be a good amount of people there, I wanted my house to look presentable. Googled farmhouse decor... “thankful, $20, for one sign?” 😮.. went to the garage and started cutting wood, burning it and painting words on it, “thankful, grateful, blessed” trio, “EAT” sign, “welcome” sign. Party day comes, and people ask “where did you get that sign” ... 😌”I made it”.. “I love it.” So I uploaded some pictures to my Instagram story taking a poll of who would buy these signs, got some hits and that was all I needed to start my own business, since I already loved it so much. So I opened Madaus Crafts back up but this time it was a little different than before. I would work with what I had and that was pallet wood, a paint brush, a paint pen and my hands, and some pretty awesome stuff came out of it! So I stuck with it, and it’s definitely something where practice makes perfect! Each piece is truly handmade and unique, there is no other piece that will ever look the same. I take my time with each piece and put my love, creativity and care into each one. I absolutely love my stay at home mom job! ❤️
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