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We specialize in celebrating life's special moments including: Weddings, Anniversaries, Funerals, Memorial, Birth and Life Celebrations, Birthdays, Graduations, Christmas and other Holidays, Sporting Events and everything in between! Over 40,000 happy customers {Worldwide} and featured in and USA!

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How Little Gem Girl was born...

Little Gem Girl was founded in 2011. What started as a Mother's Day jewelry gift soon grew into a blossoming e-commerce business. But first, here's a little history... I inherited the ability to draw from my Grandma and Mom and spent much of my youth developing that skill through painting and charcoal sketching. In my teens, I developed a love of photography and photo editing. Then, in recent careers I had the opportunity to try my hand at graphic design while working in the Real Estate business. All of what I learned was self taught, through trial and error. Then an idea was born...What if I were to combine all of these skills - like a superpower! What could I create? Jewelry of course! I made some samples and soon had friends and family members asking for custom creations. And there it began. As the business has grown, I found I needed a little extra help and am happy that my husband decided to join me in this wonderful venture. We specialize in Photo Jewelry! Why I love doing Custom Photo orders? I am well known in my family as "the picture-taker" and taking no less than a few hundred pictures at each family gathering is not unusual for me. I can be quite {charmingly-if you ask me} persistent at times---perhaps sometimes a little annoying too---if you ask my family! With that said, I really do believe that pictures say a thousand words and as they are so timeless and the keepers of our fondest and greatest memories, finding a way to make those photos into lasting and thoughtful gifts just seems natural...and VERY rewarding! Being able to create unique and memorable heirlooms is amazing! I created my first handwriting jewelry after I suddenly lost someone close to me. I realized how wonderful it was to carry their special message around with me wherever I went and every time I looked at it it brought a smile to my face. My wish is to give that same feeling to everyone who has lost a loved one (pets included!). In addition, one of the perks of making photo jewelry is that we get to hear the stories behind the photos. Sometimes it's a celebration of life, a new life adventure, sometimes to pay tribute to a loved one who has since passed. Either way, we are honored to be a part of making something so meaningful that our customers will treasure for years to come. We are always up for Custom work, so if you have something special in mind, just ask! Thank you for taking a moment to read about the creation of Little Gem Girl...
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