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Charleston, S.C.

Welcome to my second home, Just Leather and more. I've always loved to make things so when I retired, I decided to make me some jewelry. I can only wear so many different styles and colors of earrings and necklaces so to support my hobby, I decided to open an online shop. I hope you enjoy shopping with us. Unfortunately I only sell in the USA.

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Black and yellow Saffiano leather. Teardrop shape

I have to be making something or I'm miserable.

That's really my story. I was an art major at ECU in Greenville, N.C. but left early to get married. We had three children that are grown and 6 grandchildren which I adore but I don't live near them. My husband won't retire so that leaves me having to stay busy. I had my own florist for 20 years but sold it so now I'm making jewelry out of leather, beads and more. You never know what you'll find in my shop. I usually just make one of a kind because I get bored easily.......so if you want it, I suggest you get it. I learned that lesson the hard way many times. Happy shopping, Denise
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