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Pixel Mine Grass Border - Peel and Stick Vinyl - Easy to Apply and Remove



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Size: 36" wide x 9" tall (Measure your wall and divide the length by 36" to determine how many to order. For example, a 96" long wall would require 3 pieces to go it's full length. So...when we're not working making decals we're playing a particular game that involves Mining and Crafting. This design is inspired by our love of that game. We've helped hundreds of parents design their perfect Mine Themed kids rooms and we'd love to help you create an amazing space as well. Check out other similar designs in our Amazon Handmade Shop. ★ ABOUT OUR MURALS ★ Our Pixel Borders are Peel and Stick Vinyl - not cheap paper like some of our competitors. Want to apply it to brick or stucco - out of luck here, it won't work on brick or stucco. Need something custom? Let us know we'd be happy to help. ★ PRODUCTION TIME ★We make these as they are ordered and ship within 3-5 days. ★ FREQUENT QUESTIONS ★ Will the decals damage my walls? No, as long as there is no existing damage to the surface you're applying it to. Can you make a design bigger/smaller or have it face a different direction?– Yes. If you just want it facing the opposite direction leave us a note when you check out. If you need a different size check with us before ordering – some size changes will result in a price difference. ★CUSTOM WORK ★ We have created completely custom designs for many individuals and companies. If you have a project that needs a custom decal created we’d be happy to help. ★ OUR GUARANTEE ★ We always do our best to meet or exceed your expectations. If problems arise we will promptly respond to make sure you are satisfied.


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