Forest of Nature

Michigan, United States

Welcome to Forest of Nature! Our wonderful little shop has so much to offer. Here you will find a wide variety of beautiful and unique hand wood burned, carved and painted, home, garden, and wedding decor. These beautiful creations include but are not limited to personalized rustic log planters and candle holders, unique wall art, furniture, and even magnets. There is something for every occasion

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Natures Beauty Transformed into Art!

Thank you so much for visiting Forest of Nature! We both have a love and passion for creating. We put not just our time, but heart and soul into each and every item created. We pride ourselves on creating high quality, unique items that you will be proud to display or gift! We hope you enjoy and love our art as much as we have loved creating it. Each piece is precious to us and has a spot in our hearts. We have created, and molded each piece, nurturing and loving until its completion. Each person who purchases one of our items is taking a piece of us home with them. They become part of our family.
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