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Geometric Sculpture, Abstract Wall Sculpture, Metal wall Art, Wood Wall decor, Contemporary Modern Wall Sculpture 46x30 by Alisa



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This is an amazing looking sculpture for your space! So If you are looking for something different, then you have reached the right place! This handmade, hand painted unique warm toned copper and gold painted wood wall sculpture will be a lovely addition to your contemporary, modern and or Mid-century wall decor. It will easily fit in with your warm décor and it's sleek sophisticated look is sure to catch the eyes of your guests, you will love it! TITLE: Geometry in Motion #4 DETAILS: Acrylics on mdf wood material with some texture. DIMENSIONS: 46" w x 30" h x.5" d FEATURES: Painted metal strips throughout the sculpture giving it depth and a dimensional look FINISH: The sculpture is hand brushed using a high gloss lacquer for lots of shine and protection over the years! COLORS USED: Metallic Copper with Metallic Gold blend / Dark Brown with a blend of Sienna and copper/ and of course, black. PHOTOS: Photos shown with furniture are for viewing purposes only and MAY NOT be to scale. Please be sure to properly measure your space. If you would like a larger sculpture, please contact me with your dimension request. Thank you! CUSTOMIZATION: If you would like to add or omit any color in this sculpture (no additional charge) orcompletely change all the colors (additional charge may apply) in the sculpture, please contact me to arrange. If you are looking to match a specific color already existing, then I require a swatch or a paint color and or number. Otherwise, emailed photos or colors to match would suffice. Please contact me! :) PACKAGING: Diva Art69 Studios does our very best to make sure all of our items are packaged extremely well. We do use recycled boxes. Not only for the environment, but also because the boxes we collect are from a local furniture store that uses the highest grade of cardboard. ( very strong). We have been using these recycled boxes for over 10 years along with customizing each box for each individual sculpture which is very involved and time consuming. Because of the time and care taken, we have an incredibly low number of items that arrive damaged. We use thick foam, bubble wrap and cardboard liners in most boxes to reinforce them. So rest assured your sculpture will arrive to you safely! HANGING HARDWARE: All sculptures will include the ring hangers for hanging your sculpture. In most cases, they will be attached for you prior to shipping. The only time they are not attached, is when there are several options to hang your sculpture. In this case, we include them but allow you to make a decision once you receive your sculpture in how you would like to hang it and you can attach the hangers on your own with a Phillipshead screwdriver. MINOR ASSEMBLY May be required: Usually when there is METAL on the sculpture, the metal pieces are removed for shipping purposes. Upon arrival, you can reattach the metal using a Phillipshead Screwdriver. All screws are included for your convenience and the metal is always numbered, so you know exactly where it goes. Some sculptures MAY come in two pieces - but hang as one piece. In this case, there will be a BRACKET(s) that will need to be secured in the back. Again, all screws and easy instructions are included. If you should have any questions at all, please feel free!! PAYMENT: PAYPAL is always preferred and very much appreciated. Stipe is also accepted! SHIPPING: US - FED EX GROUND within 15-20 business days INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: USPS Priority Mail ( 7-10 bus. days plus processing time) Please be aware that you may have additional import taxes/ fees etc. that may be due at the time of pick up or delivery of your item. Due to the nature of the item being handmade and the location, REFUNDS/EXCHANGES are not feasible. ALL sales abroad are final. Any questions, please feel free to contact me prior to purchasing, thank you!


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