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Kunkletown, PA

Welcome to my Shop! My name is Denise and I love chocolate! I love creating and experimenting with all kinds of treats! If you have a special occasion coming up and and would like to have some custom treats made, please feel free to reach out. I would love to work with you to create your vision. We are looking forward to helping to make your next event extra SWEET!

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Tempering the Chocolate to the right temperature is the key to great melted chocolate!

It's simple, it's a Family tradition....

"How did you start this?" is by far one of my most popular questions. The second question is, "Do you make this all yourself?" The Answer to the second question is, "Yes." That's the easy Question! So How did this all Start? The Truth is that 10 years ago if you asked me if I would own a chocolate business I would have laughed. But, times change and so do endeavors. Flashback 15+ years ago. I was dating this handsome guy who eventually became my husband. While we were dating we would often go to his house and his mom would be busy at their dining table creating and making chocolates for all sorts of clients. I was intrigued but not enough to want to sit and jump right in. My husband's Mother always loved making chocolates and had a store front in NJ for quite some time. With her storefront came many clients and MANY custom requests which led to HUNDREDS of candy molds. Jump forward in time and my husband and I now have 2 children. My daughter would at every opportunity go to my Mother In Law's and make candies for her class. They were always simple and my daughter always loved making them herself. Unfortunately, my Mother in Law grew very ill and passed away 3 years ago. My daughter who sincerely loved her chocolate making time with her NaNa was devastated that she couldn't make chocolates anymore. That's where I come in. So, I raided my MIL's basement and brought home a small fraction of those chocolate molds. My daughter and I made chocolate for her class and guess what? It turns out that I had a blast making those candies! Soon, I got into more detailed Chocolates and Friends of Friends started to order from me and well, my business came to be! I think of my MIL often and have taken on her business name. I'm happy and blessed to have this opportunity to share her passion with all of you. Thank you for supporting my business and my MIL's passion for Chocolate!
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