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The small but cozy office area where your products are created and packaged!

Live life to the fullest. Plan accordingly.

Hi! I'm Emily. I've always been busy. Busy in school, busy with work, busy with life. As a result, I've always made lists on lists to keep track of everything. Leading my friends to lovingly refer to me as a "type A" and to nobody being surprised at seeing me with both my planner and a coffee. In 2016, one of my best friends got married and asked for me, as her bridesmaid, to make her a list of items to not forget on the day of her wedding. Not one to go at things half way, I made a laminated, personalized list for that, and also a packing list for her honeymoon. I gave her both as part of a gift. After lots of praise and encouragement, I set off to create a business based on customized checklists. "Check it Twice" quickly grew from customized checklists into customized notepads. From craft shows and flea markets, to being sold in The Book Store in Medina, Ohio. Now, I've also incorporated customized planners into the mix. I LOVE planners. But sometimes it's hard to find something that truly fits your needs. You can modify or "make them work" but wouldn't it be easier to just have something made for you? That's what my friends thought, and I agreed. So now, you can find truly personalized planners available in my shop. Not simply your name on the cover, but personalized for your life or your job. Check it Twice is not my full time job. I spend most of time Monday--Friday at my "real" job where I
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