Dayton, Ohio

Welcome to my new shop! This month, I'm featuring ready to display artwork, just right for adding color to a book shelf or college dorm room and notecards to add a personal touch to all your gifts. Things will be changing frequently, so copy and paste this link in your browser to sign up for my once a month email updates! https://mailchi.mp/18ff5cabb0da/cboggsart.


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I have been creating art since I first discovered colored pencils and pan watercolors in elementary school. Since then, I’ve explored a variety of art mediums through formal instruction in high school and at the university level, as well as through an abundance of trial and error inspired by YouTube videos, online workshops, local art groups, and Pinterest. My present work is focused on mixed media experimentation, combining the traditional art materials of canvas, paint, and ink with my photography, hand-printed papers, and calligraphy. As a photographer, I am inspired by the beauty of the natural world, and as a life-long reader, by the written word expressed in poetry and literature. Both find their way into my art, as I experiment with layers of acrylic paints, inks, and watercolors interspersed with my photography, hand-printed papers, and calligraphy. My art has always been about the journey rather than the end point. Each sketch, each photograph, each painting is a part of that journey, an ongoing experiment in creativity that serves as a roadmap, a journal of where I have been and where I am going next.
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