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Welcome! Create a unique look to your wedding or event with origami paper flowers and cranes! Many items are custom made with your choice of paper. Have fun with maps, comics, book pages, and many other colors and prints. Gifts, cards and home decor items are also available.


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Bring unique style to your event or home with origami

When I was planning my wedding, the budget was small but my thoughts where big. Ive always had a strong love for oriental decor. Being creative my whole life, I did some research and became very intrigued by the art of origami; the meaning, the look and the history. I decided to fold 1,000 origami cranes for my wedding. I incorporated cranes into the centerpieces, welcome table and favors, I continued the theme and decode to make kusudama or origami flowers for my corsage, the mens boutonnieres and my hair piece. Although my husband and I love the look and the meaning, it was our guests who where in awe. It wasn't until months after the wedding and numerous requests from guest for more origami cranes that I decided to bring my craft to the world. For the past two years I have been blessed to make wedding decor, event favors, sympathy bouquets, Mothers Day arrangements, cards, and gifts for many wonderful people around the world. Each with a story that makes what I do a touching part of my journey. Thank you fro reading. If there is something I can create for you, please message me. Join the email list for updates, sales and information:
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