Women's Wallets and Accessories, handmade from pretty fabrics and textiles. Welcome to my shop!! Don't see what your looking for? Send me a message.


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My love for sewing has been ingrained for as long as I can remember. There are 4 generations of my family that have had sewing skills they have used for life. My Grandmother in Hungary sewed bags for people at the turn of the century. My mother also sewed for people and I can remember her at her favorite spot, sewing away even after us kids went to bed. I learned from her early on, then took extra lessons in school. When I had a family, I sewed for them, and for clients. Creating beautiful dresses for their special occasions. As my daughter grew up, I taught her and she also created fun outfits for herself during her school years. Today I sew the beautiful creations in my shop. Though I do many things that I don't have listed, my favorite things are my wallets.
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