Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Welcome to my shop! This is a shop for connoisseurs of beautiful decorations and dolls. Want to own a unique creations, тo decorate your home for the holiday, тo impress a special person for you, тo surprise a close friend! You are in the right place!

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My passion

Hello! My name is Benny. I want to tell you about my passion to make beautiful things from fabric. I like to make different decorations, but I like to make dolls too. I am in love with these activities. I carefully select the materials for work. I work mostly with cotton fabrics and other natural materials such as twine and wood. For filler uses silicone down. The process of making is long but very interesting and it gives me a great pleasure. My creations are loaded with very positive energy because they are made with love! Often enters various professional roles. Besides a good designer and artist, I have to be a good tailor and a good stylist. I pay special attention to every detail. This makes me happy. Feel cozy with me!
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