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Malachite cabochon pendant wrapped in stainless steel wire these pendants are all hand made by the owner of the shop.

Handmade wire wrapped jewlery

Growing up in a small town in Lemmon South Dakota surrounded by farms and ranches. Where the world-famous man-made petrified wood park is located After retirement I began to put more time into my hobby wire wrapping l look at it as a form of art each piece has its own personality I love wire wrapping it became a passion for me I don't really have a shop to work in but I do have my own little corner of my house. wire wrapping is good therapy and relaxing keeps your mind occupied instead of twirling your thumbs looking board I am healthy and I shouldn't take that for granted I do need to start getting some exercise I finally settled in Altoona pa living in the Alleghany mountains I married and am so grateful for her she is my inspiration she has been a blessing in my life
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