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Wire wrapped pendant necklace - jade copper wire pendant talisman amulet


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Wire Woven Green jade Pendant. Beautiful green jade cabochon wire wrapped in pure (99.9%) copper wire. This is a large statement pendant - approximately 2.5”inches in length. An 18" copper chain is included with purchase. Copper has been patinated to complement the stone and highlight the weaving. In the lore surrounding metals and gemstones, copper is thought to improve circulation and relieve pain. It's associated with the sun, luck, and prosperity, and is believed to enhance the properties of gemstones. For some of my pieces, I make multiple variations off the basic design. Each is still unique – different weaves, stones, crystals and details. Differences in value, texture, patina and shape are inherent in any of my handmade items. No two are identical, so every single one is unique and different, sometimes overtly and others in just a subtle way. Wire weaving versus wire wrapping. I use the terms interchangeably, however, wire weaving is more intricate and allows me to develop more detailed variations, layers and designs. For weaving, I use 20, or more commonly 22 gauge wires and a long (12 to 18 feet is common) weaving wire, usually 28 gauge. I use these wires to create the layer and intricate details of most of my work. Remove copper jewelry before bathing, swimming, doing dishes, putting on lotion or makeup. Some people love the deep rich look of vintage copper while others like the bright shiny bronze look of clean copper. Some makers of copper jewelry, put a coating (sealer) on the copper item to preserve it and prevent the copper from interacting with the wearer’s skin. Your FreeStyles piece has been made from pure 99.9% copper without a coating. In some cases, it has an antiqued patina applied to give it that rich aged copper look. **Important Note: Wire wrapping is a genre of jewelry which requires pliable wire to be shaped into each piece. As a piece progresses, the wire hardens and sometimes it is hammered to further strengthen a piece. It will retain its’ shape, however if you try to bend it or it gets squished, it will bend. Do not place your wire wrapped jewelry in a purse or pocket. Storage Keep copper in a cool, dry place. If possible, store in an anti-tarnish pouch, box or cloth. If you have none of these, use a tightly sealed plastic bag to keep air from contacting the copper items. Cleaning Effective cleaning products for copper are highly acidic. If your piece has been patinated, for that aged, antique copper look, I would not recommend using any harsh chemicals. Only clean/buff with a soft clean cloth or polish with super fine grained steel wool. Please visit my Etsy shop, FreeStyles, for other unique pieces: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AmandaJainDesigns You are also welcome to view/like Instagram where you can see what I am working on and be among the first to see new items to be listed. @amandajaindesigns


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